I’m trying to get back on track with my daily draws.. I keep doing them in notepad and then never actually coming here to post there (.. not that it really takes that much time) -.-

But anyways. I did a draw for tomorrow, it looks like it may be pointing to an invitation from a man, which I AM waiting for, but I’ve been notoriously wrong on those types of things before haha.

Ships – Stars – Flowers – Fish – Man

Ship – Stars – Flowers – Fish – Man
Ship: Hopes and desires, travel, changes, a journey
Stars: Luck, Success, intuition, spirtuality
Flowers: Invitations, gifts, happiness
Fish: Business, Finances, Independent

Ship + Star: This could point to hope/desires seeming too far away, as if they “are out of reach”, fluctuating.. maybe seeming like they’re fluctuating in/out of my reach.

Fish + Man: A business man, an independent man

Ship + Man: A journey regarding a man, hopes/desires regarding a man

Stars + Fish: Success regarding business

So.. there may be an invitation or some happy/successful news tomorrow (Moon/Fish)

I think that my feelings may be up and down tomorrow (Moon/Ship), particularly when it comes to my emotional hopes/desires (Ship/Stars – Moon).

The invitation or news may have to do with a business man (Fish/Man). It could be something that currently seems to be out of my (reach).

Stars – Flowers – Fish would seem to imply that this will be news about business, but that seems unlikely since I’m not expecting anything about my work contract or anything like that right now.

Looking at the whole line – there could be something that I have felt uncertain about – that I’ve had fluctuating hopes/fears about (Ship/Stars), I may receive an invitation or news that will change my outlook on this situation (Flowers) from a business/independent man tomorrow (Fish/Man).

So I’m thinking this is referring to a conversation with an ex, who as independent business man. My emotions have been all over the place about it.. I want to talk to him about what happened to try to help let go of it, but I keep changing my mind on if that’s actually the right/best thing to do :S. So we’ll see if I hear from him tomorrow, this reading is really fitting to that.. but I have this sneaky feeling that I’m going to have to contact him first to set something else (which I doubt I will be doing tomorrow :P)


Been lagging on my daily draws, but I do a reading for March..

1) Overall theme:
The Tower/Ace of Pentacles

Well, looks like there will be some more shake ups this month. Eek, changes for sure. Although this could be something as simple as personal changes – in that my expectations of myself and others will be shaken up and knocked down a peg. With the Tower/Ace of Pentacles, this is likely saying that there will be some unexpected changes coming my way either from a new opportunity, or creating a new opportunity over the change. Looks like it won’t be a boring month at least ๐Ÿ˜‰
Keywords: Sudden change, release, downfall, revelation

I think the descriptions of the Tower that best fit me currently are:
“Are you too full of pride? Expect a blow to your ego. Are you holding back your anger? Expect the dam to burst. Are you stuck in a rut? Expect a surprise”

It could even be that I’ll go through some sudden change, that will either help me to release some feelings or will reveal something important to me – and this will help me to find or take advantage of a new beginning.

Mice – Storks – Dog

Looks like there may be some small problems with a friend, or with multiple friends (Mice/Dog). There might be something that needs to be revealed there – that goes back to the Tower popping up before/

With Lily/Storks it looks like there will be some positive changes, or positive new beginnings when it comes to my finding peace/harmony with myself.

The progression of Mice – Storks – Dog, could say that a negative situation from the past (something with more difficult emotions connected to it) will move positively, resulting in feelings of loyalty/friendship taking the place of the feelings of hurt or betrayal. Lily, again, says this likely will have some effect on my overall peace/internal harmony.

So doesn’t look bad overall. Looks like there will be some unexpected changes or challenges that will come up with Storks/Ace would imply that there will be something positive that comes out of them.

2) Energies Leaving my Life:
7 of Cups/4 of Pentacles

I’m happy to see this pair as what’s leaving my life!

The imagery on both of these cards is very complacent – showing figures either looking down and away and off into the distance.. focused on themselves, daydreaming, things out of reach etc instead of focusing on the present. So my feeling with these cards as energy leaving my life this month, would be that I will be feeling less complacent, less bored and less “stuck”. I won’t be holding on to things as much as I may have been recently, I may be less concerned about maintainig the status quo, and be more open to change. So basically – energy of “stagnation” will be leaving my life this month.

Heart – Woman – Heart

Hmm, odd cards for “energies leaving”. The combo of Snake/Woman could be pointing to me as a woman healing from betrayal and from relationships that might have been false or painful in the past.

With Heart/House, I’m not too sure, maybe these energies will be leaving my house? In the sense that I won’t be holding on to them all the time, in my day to day life type thing?

I’m not sure otherwise. Maybe it could be certain feelings that I’m holding on to in regards to my living/home situation will change?

3) Energies Continuing to Influence my Life
Death/5 of Wands

Hmm looks like I may still be continuing to deal with some challenging changes. Tower combined with this would definitely say that there are going to be come major changes coming my way, although with Death here, it’s likely that these have already been set in motion. So I would see this as that I will continue to struggle (5) with changes or endings that have occured in the past and trying to move on in a positive beginning from them. Think this is probably pointing to a relationship *sigh*. Although with the cards above for leaving, this combo might be a more positive in that I’ll be more open to those changes moving forward, instead of holding on to the past as before.

Scythe – Dog – Heart

Hmm, interesting. Scythe/Death pretty much echo each other in that there are definitely unexpected changes, or energy around that that are going to keep influecing my life this month.

I’d take Dog/Heart to point to someone I care for deeply, or someone that I was in a relationship with. So some feelings regarding a sudden change, and likely communication (Letter) with that person is going to keep influencing my life this month. So I guess this situation is going to continue to be ongoing, and there will be some communication about it (likely following the communication that started in Feb.. so it is continuing in that sense.)

4) Energies Entering my Life
5 of Wands/King of Swords

5 of Wands showed up before, so don’t know how “new” this is ๐Ÿ˜›

5 of Wands here could either go 2 ways:
I will either be feeling more conflicted about things surrounding this King of Swords figure (not sure who this would be representing)
Or it could be that there will be more of an energy of challenge and competition around me, which will make me push myself – creating that type of KoS energy of being analytical, quick thinking, on your toes. Actually – I think that makes sense when looking at the fact that the Tower/Death etc have come up before.. while that will likely create some feelings of being conflicted, I could see how those types of situation will bring in a challenging energy, that will make me think in a different way in response – so maybe the energy entering will be this energy that makes me thought process about these changes change.

Stars – Fox – Fish

A lot of these cards are traditiona business cards, so there may be energy that makes me approach things from more of a business mindset, or there will be more energy/focus coming into my life when it comes to preparing for the new job that I start in May. I guess similar to business, these could also say that there will be more of a hard-working attitude (Fox/Fish) adopted to try to reach my goals (Stars).

Only other thought here is that I may have renewed commitment (ring) to reaching my goals (Stars) which makes me act more indepently and look out more for myself (Fish/Fox)

5) Developments: Work/School
The Empress/3 of Cups

That looks promising – looks like I may accomplish a fit bit in these areas in the next month (Empress), things that may even be worth celebration (3). I think this is pointing to that in terms of school, I may be more dedicated because I will enjoy my work (3) and approach it with an outlook of nuturing/loving what I’m doing (Empress) instead of it just being something that I have to do. Looks pretty good.

Rider – Sun – Woman

Key makes me think this will likely be an important month for me in this area. Rider/Woman makes me think that I will be in control of the direction that things go, of setting things in motion etc. Looks like I may be working hard/quickly, and with Sun there (especially with Sun/Key) – those are good cards of being successful in these areas throughout the month of March. So overall, especially with Empress/3 of Cups above, it looks like this will be a good month when it comes to school – I should be feeling pretty good about what I’m doing, and will probably be pretty successful in doing it.

6) Developments: Love/Relationships
3 of Wands/Death

I’m not too sure on this combo, this doesn’t seem to say that there will be any large developments or relationships starting.. it more says that I’ll open to possibilities, following some change..

Death could be saying that I’ll be going through some changes as the month begins (as the base), with the 3 maybe saying that I’ll be more willing to explore new possibilities when it comes to love (new beginnings) throughout the rest of the month. That’s all I got here =/

Clouds – Dog – House

House I’m not sure on here. But it looks like there will be some confusion about someone in particular (Clouds/Dog). The light side of the Clouds are pointing towards the Dog, which should mean that the confusion surrounding this person will be lifted/cleared throughout the month. I guess with house on the end there, it could mean that the confusion around the Dog will clear (Clouds/Dog), and give way to greater stability/security (House). So that may not be all bad.. House doesn’t point to anything overly romantic, but just says more that the relationship will become more stable and rooted.

Fox as the base says that either I won’t trust the intentions of this person (hence the foncusion maybe), or that this situation will make me really be on my toes and have to do some quick thinking.

7) Developments: Self
2 of Wands/3 of Cups

Looks like I can expect to be in greater control and to be more open to others throughout the month. With the 2, I think that I may be feeling more confident/brace this month – more viousnary, willing to look a head instead of being stuck in the past, while with the 3, I may be feeling more free spirited/happy in general, and will be more open to engaging and going out with others.

Woman – Cross – Key

Looks like this may be an important month, primarily focused on my finally overcoming/dealing with some emotions of the past and finding “new life” (Snake) after that. So it will be a month of trying to start a new, following some important emotional issues that may need to be dealt with.

8) Advice for the Month
Page of Pentacles/Strength

Advice is to take things slowly and not to overreact in either a positive or negative way to anything that comes up. I think I need to be practical about things this month, and to be sure to temper myself so that I act with compassion/patience instead of overreacting or automatically becoming angry. I think it’ll be important to keep things in perspective, to be self aware and maintain some self control when dealing with things.

Mountain – Book – Snake

Ring I think is telling me to stay committed/true to myself. Mountain I think is just reinforcing that there will be some problems/challenges this month and that the best way for me to approach them is to be informed (Book) and rely on my own intuition/my own self (Snake)

Well, safe to say I’ve been neglecting my blog..

Suprisingly, it’s not because I’ve been overly busy or anything. I had a week off, and did get out to see some friends who I haven’t seen since around Christmas.. but for the second half of the week I really didn’t do much of anything (well, aside from enjoying lots of puppy cuddles ;)).. I guess I just needed the down time. For the most part, I did do daily draws.. but I wrote most of them in notepad files that I didn’t end up saving >.>

Trying to get back on track with posting cards for tomorrow:
Base: Child
Intersting – Child was also my base on Monday, and I feel like it popped up quite a bit last week.

Garden – Paths – Anchor – Bear – Mice

Anchor/Child would imply new opportunities/options/beginnings when it comes to my long-term stability. This might be about the sublet contract I’m loo;king to sign.

Garden/Paths: Various invitations or events – options are presented for different social events/outings.

Bear/Mice: Finding/having inner strength in the face of small problems and/or delays

Garden/Mice: Something is revealed from a social outing, small problems, delays, or upsets come from an outing/event.

Paths/Bear: Being decisive, making decisions.

Paths/Anchor: Options for long-term stability

Anchor/Bear: I see this as taking a long-term outlook, thinking about my financial/personal security for the future.

So I think part of this might have to do with the fact that I’ll be signing a contract to lay down roots (Anchor) for a new beginning (Child) that involves travel (Paths). I think doing this will bring me a sense of security (Anchor/Bear)

Bear/Mice I would see as representing some kind of small problems with my roommates, or else some kind of delay (connected to a social event/instituation – Garden) that will make me frustrated (Bear).

Garden/Paths I don’t have a lot planned when it comes to going out this week since I have a lot of work – so I’m not sure about this one. Maybe I’ll get new options (Child/Paths) for this tomorrow.

Cards for Wed:
Base: Ring
Ring as the base would point to a commitment or an agreement, perhaps some concern or movement there.

Key – Mountain – Woman
Key: Success, something important, something opening/closing
Mountain: Obstacles, delays, blocks that seem hard to overcome

Woman is likely representing me, or in this case it could be someone who brings me insight.

I take this as tomorrow I will experience some new insight (either from my own doing, or that of another woman) about a blockage or delay I’m currently experiencing, that likely has to do with some form of agreement or commitment. I kind of get the feeling that it will be a bit of an “uh-ha!” momement about how I can move forward and stop being so stuck.

Update: I think I know what these were frerring to..I think Key/Mountain was pointing more to “gauranteed delays/obstacles”. I got the news today that I have to apply for reliability and security clearance for my new job, and it took forever and was very exhausting for me to get done today, and definitely caused delays for the rest of my work.

Slightly confusing draw for tomorrow…

Base: Cross
Something karmic or fated in nature, “bearing a cross”

Ring – House – Garden – Rider – Tree

Hmmm not sure on this one..

Ring + House: May point to my search for a housing contract – somewhere to live in the summer. A commitment/agreement regarding somewhere to live, or something else to do with a home/family type thing.

Rider + Tree: Long-awaited news or movement in a situation. News about health.

Ring + Tree: Again, long-awaited commitment, a health agreement (seems unlikely).. this could have to do with the growth of an agreement or commitment, trying to bring something to fruitation and make it more solid.

House + Rider: News coming to me, news to do with my housing hunt.

House/Garden/Rider: News coming to me, perhaps of an event or atย  an event.

Really not sure on this one, Garden seems to throw it off a bit too – although that could just rpresent something that will draw me outside throughout the day.

Rider would say that I’ll receive news tomorrow, although it looks like that could be health related, or related to my housing hunt. Although House/Rider could just be news coming to me at home.

Ring/Tree would seem to say this is something that I’ve been invested in for a long time (Cross could also reinforce this)

Cross as the base would connect all of this to either a situation that is somehow karmic in nature, or one that is important to me and has been weighing on me.

Nooo idea on what else this could be :S

I know I’ll mostly be on studying lock down this week, but I wanted to see if the cards picked up on any other events for this coming week:

Base: House
Spending a lot of time at home? ๐Ÿ˜›

Birds – Child – Book – Rider – Whip

House/Book I take to mean that I’ll be spending a lot of time around home, studying (as I should be lol). Could also be an indicator of something being revealed that hits me “close to home”.

Birds – Child: Communication or being anxious about a new beginning, which will involve another person. Anxious back/forth. This could also point to being childish in a situation with someone else, because of feelings of being anxious.

Rider – Whip: Rider is moving towards the Book, which I would take to mean that discussions are going to lead to something being unvieled. Overall, Rider/Whip would say that news will be received that will set some discussions in motion – with House as the base, this could be news that will have to do with a housing/living situation. Rider/Whip in general could also indicate receiving news about a conflict or argument that has already taken place.

Book – Rider: I would take to mean that some news is already on its way to me, news that could be about studies or a work contract, or news that will be unexpected.

Birds – Whip: More anxious communication that could now have the potential to lead to an actual argument. Agitation in some conversations/interactions this week.

Child – Rider: News about a new beginning being set in motion or being received.

So like my previous weekly readings, this draw could be pointing to a couple different events of this week, potentially including:
1 – My spending lots of time around home studying or working this week (Book/House)
2 – News being received about a work contract, or news that will be unexpected (Book/Rider) – this could also include (or this could be a seperate event) – news about a House contract (Book/Rider/House)
3 – Some important discussions are going to be taking place – something I’ll be anxious about, and that may involve a new beginning or new opportunity (Birds/Child/Rider/Whip). Perhaps an argument about a situation I am very anxious about (or will be anxious about).. something new/exciting may be set in motion this week. A new beginning may come out of passionate discussions, or out of news being received about a past conflict.

I know this week that I will be looking into housing for the summer, so talk about a contract there makes sense. As well, I should be receiving my job offer info this week (or I will at least be in communication with the department about receiving that), so that is all fitting to the Rider and news coming in, but not so much to Birds/Whip, which would indicate more personal or passionate discussions, or even arguments, instead of short exchanges.

Decided to go back to the 5 card draw for the day, to see if that was clearier.

I think today I’m going to break out another GT again.. I’d like to try drawing one for the next 2-3 months and see if it’s gotten any easier to work through it.. that and reading the Lenormand is way more tempting than studying right now lol ๐Ÿ˜€

Cards for Feb 19th..

Base: Paths

Different options, choices, alternatives for that day.

Anchor – Heart – Woman – Book – Man

Interesting cards.. I would take the Woman showing up centrally to represent myself, with Woman/Paths as the theme/base representing that I will be faced with having to make choices tomorrow, and will be the one put in the position of perhaps not knowing what to do.
(Although woman could also represent someone else – but I tend to take the Woman showing up as representing me, and other significators – if they should come up, being other people in my life)

Anchor – Heart: A long-term stable relationship, long-term feelings or an outlook on love/relationships that is “anchored” in my life. Long-term stability/security in relationships/love

Book – Man: This could represent a few different things, it could represent something unknown or unexpected to do with a man.. or it could represent a man that is connected to my studies, or who I met through my studies.

Anchor – Man: Long-term stability with a man, a man who has or had a long-term role/effect in my life. Could be a man related to work/career.

Heart – Book: Unexpressed/unknown feelings, a secret admirer

So it looks like the options I will face tomorrow will have to do with something relationship related, or something where my feelings are vested (Anchor/Heart). This could be a situation that is currently unknown to me (Book/Man). I almost get the feeling that there might be a situation with a man tomorrow, that will put different options/choices in front of me because it will question my long-term ideals/outlooks about love (Anchor/Heart) – perhaps also my stability when it comes to relationships – by presenting me with something unknown or unexpected (Book/Man), which may be a difficult choice for me.

Heart – Woman – Book could also point to feelings of a woman being revealed, or unspoken (perhaps the choice between the two?). So overall – I guess I would connect this to me facing choices in an emotional situation tomorrow, where I may be unsure about doing something that is known to me, or something that is unknown when it comes to a man or a relationship.

Anchor + Heart: Steady relationship, long-term romance
Book + Man: Educated man, intelligent, discrete, secretive
Anchor + Man: Stable, dependable, loyal, diligent, hard-working
Heart + Book: Secret love

Paths + Anchor: Decisions/choices about long-term stability and security
Paths + Heart: Decision made for/out of love
Paths + Book: Decision about studies/training, secret knowledge offers choices

Hmm, this seems to reinforce what I thought above – where tomorrow there will be choices put infront of me about my long-term stability, especially concerning love/relationships. This may come about when something unknown is revealed, and involve an educated man who is hard-working, loyal etc.

Seems pretty far-fetched from what I can tell now (and given my luck with any draws that *seem* to be related to love/relationships :P). But we’ll see!

Though I’d try another one/two week forecast for a certain area of my life again.. so I drew some love life cards for now until the end of February..

Base: Tree

Karma, something rooted or long-standing in my life.

Birds – Garden – Rider – Lily – Clouds

With the Rider as the center, there’s likely to be some news or activity in this area, and likely closer to now than to the end of the month.

Birds + Garden: Anxiety about an outing, gossip surrounding an outing or perhaps worry that an invitation won’t be received.

Lily + Clouds: Could be confusion regarding an older man, confusion that effects my inner peace/harmony. Could also say that finding peace within helps me to find clarity in a situation.

Birds + Clouds: Anxiety and/or communication about a love issue that I’m am confused/uncertain about.

Garden + Lily: An outing with an older man, perhaps seeing an older man at an event.

So, this looks like there may be some activity, but also some uncertainty. Birds/Rider/Clouds could mean that this anxiety/uncertainty is related to communiaction, or a lack of communication.

Lily makes me think this is surrounding an older man who has been involved in my life (Lily/Tree) and perhaps also news that has been long-awaited (Rider/Tree). There may be anxiety about an outing with this person (Birds/Garden), it’s also likely the invitation for this meeting will come during this time period (Rider/Garden). This outing, if it should occur, may help to clear confusion/uncertainty regarding this man (Lily/Clouds)

Birds + Garden: Nervousness, anxiety about a social event
Garden + Rider: Invitations to a social event
Rider + Lily: News that brings contement and satisfaction
Lily + Clouds: Harmony disrupted by uncertainty

So it could be that I’ll receive an invitation to an event, an invitation that I thought would bring me some kind of satisfaction – but that actually just brings me nervousness and uncertainty.

Birds + Clouds: Worrying gossip
Garden + Lily: Good social life, happy event/party

So if nothing else – an invitation connected to romance should be received in this time period.

Update: So I think my draw today was pointing to my looking forward to having discussions with that man (Whip/Sun/Bear), but that the Cross was pointing to it not happening ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Cards for today…

Base: Whip
Sun – Bear – Cross

Hmmm, I’m not sure on this one. Whip as the base says that discussions or arguments of some kind will be the overlaying theme of the day.. or will have a large influence on this event.

Bear could either be pointing to myself and my own inner strength, or to another friend – likely someone strong, protective fairly well off.

Sun – Cross seem a bit contradictory to me..

Cross is generally related to destiny, karma and also feelings of “bearing a cross”, so perhaps a hard emotional situation where as sun is very positive, about energy, success, optimism. I guess this could indicate discussions about some kind of “fated” event or situation with the Bear

Cross – Whip could be connected to conversations that will feel like verbal “tests”, about something I’m very optimistic about..

Sun + Bear: Money/success are promised, luck caused by a male person
Bear + Cross: Wealthy man, man in higher position
Sun + Cross: Nervousness, apprehension
Whip + Sun: Positive outcome to a conflict

Hmm I guess this could just be pointing to my meeting/talking withย  a man who used to work at the department I will be joining in theย  summer – he fits the Bear/Cross description at least.

Otherwise, this could point to discussions with a male (Bear/Whip) that make me nervous (Sun/Cross) and that may involve some form of past conflict (Whip/Sun)

Otherwise, I’m drawing a blank ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Cards pour tomorrow:

Base: Anchor
Flowers – Storks – Ring – Birds – Letter

Well, 2 cards here that are the same as my cards drawn for today.

Anchor as the base would imply that the events of tomorrow will all have an underlying theme or focus on long-term stability, or something that is rooted and currently deeply engrained in my life. With the Ring in the center, it looks like the focus of tomorrow may be on long-term commitments, relationships, contracts etc.

Flowers + Storks: I’d see this as a positive invitation, perhaps a celebration of something new. Happy news about a change or new part of my life that is beginning.

Birds + Letter: This could be communication the will make me nervous or anxious. Birds could be representing my roommates, so the communication could have to do with gossip. With these 2 cards, I would definitely think there will be some important news tomorrow.

Flowers + Letter: Positive news, an invitation to go out is received.

Storks + Birds: This could be feeling nervous about a change, having communication about a change etc.

Hmmm, so again, it looks like there will be lots of communication tomorrow. With Flowers/Storks/Ring I think that some of this might have to do with communication around the job that I was offered and will be accepting today – there may be some happy messages exchanged around that.

Ring – Birds – Letter makes me think that while there will be some positive news/communication there will also be some nervous back/forth coversations. Not completely sure what this will be about, it could also be about the work contract, or a relationship in general.

Sandy’s combos..
Flowers + Storks: joyful change, happy move/relocation
Flowers + Letter: Happy news, invitation, present

So it does look like part of my day tomorrow will likely be about having happy conversations about my move – perhaps hearing about other friends who have also accepted new jobs or are making new plans.

Storks + Ring: Change in relationship, good changes caused by a new contract, commitment, engagement, marriage
Ring + Birds: Many contracts, talk concerning partnerships, contracts
Storks + Birds: Change in combination with difficulties, agitation

Birds + Letter: Many messages, dispatch is connected with anxiety

Interesting – as it almost seems like while there will be lots of happy news being exchange tomorrow (likely connected to my new job offer), there will also be lots of anxious communication, which I would think would be connected to another matter. I don’t normally have success when I say something relationship related is going to happen, but with Storks-Ring-Birds, there could be some change or discussion/anxiety about a commitment to someone. News could come in that makes me anxious about a relationship.

Anchor + Flowers: Long lasting happiness
Anchor + Storks: Change enhances stability and security, new work
Anchor + Ring: Stable association, long-term agreement, employment contract, fortunate and mutual relationship
Anchor + Birds: Anxiety/nervousness about long term stability/security
Anchor + Letter: Letter/documents concerning long-term stability/security

So again – tomorrow will be focused around issues that are more important in the long-term, though I feel like there will be 2 issues of importance here. One focused around my new work (Anchor/Storks/Ring), which will generally be of a happy nature (Flowers-Storks), and the other being about my happiness/stability in relationships (AnchorStorks//Ring/Birds), which may involve some communication that brings about some anxiety (Birds/Letter)