I’m trying to get back on track with my daily draws.. I keep doing them in notepad and then never actually coming here to post there (.. not that it really takes that much time) -.-

But anyways. I did a draw for tomorrow, it looks like it may be pointing to an invitation from a man, which I AM waiting for, but I’ve been notoriously wrong on those types of things before haha.

Ships – Stars – Flowers – Fish – Man

Ship – Stars – Flowers – Fish – Man
Ship: Hopes and desires, travel, changes, a journey
Stars: Luck, Success, intuition, spirtuality
Flowers: Invitations, gifts, happiness
Fish: Business, Finances, Independent

Ship + Star: This could point to hope/desires seeming too far away, as if they “are out of reach”, fluctuating.. maybe seeming like they’re fluctuating in/out of my reach.

Fish + Man: A business man, an independent man

Ship + Man: A journey regarding a man, hopes/desires regarding a man

Stars + Fish: Success regarding business

So.. there may be an invitation or some happy/successful news tomorrow (Moon/Fish)

I think that my feelings may be up and down tomorrow (Moon/Ship), particularly when it comes to my emotional hopes/desires (Ship/Stars – Moon).

The invitation or news may have to do with a business man (Fish/Man). It could be something that currently seems to be out of my (reach).

Stars – Flowers – Fish would seem to imply that this will be news about business, but that seems unlikely since I’m not expecting anything about my work contract or anything like that right now.

Looking at the whole line – there could be something that I have felt uncertain about – that I’ve had fluctuating hopes/fears about (Ship/Stars), I may receive an invitation or news that will change my outlook on this situation (Flowers) from a business/independent man tomorrow (Fish/Man).

So I’m thinking this is referring to a conversation with an ex, who as independent business man. My emotions have been all over the place about it.. I want to talk to him about what happened to try to help let go of it, but I keep changing my mind on if that’s actually the right/best thing to do :S. So we’ll see if I hear from him tomorrow, this reading is really fitting to that.. but I have this sneaky feeling that I’m going to have to contact him first to set something else (which I doubt I will be doing tomorrow :P)